About the Project
Sara Bella creates specialty fashion and costume jewelry, such as necklaces, pins, earrings, bracelets, studded belts, and more, for high-end women’s apparel retailers.
Project Goals
Lacking an identifiable brand, it was necessary to establish a unique and recognizable mark that would serve as the face of the brand. In short, the brand goals can be described as follows:

1 Create a unique and easily identifiable brand mark that resonates with target markets.
2 Curate a library of assets including stationary, pins, and other needs.
Ornate and Timeless
At it's core Sara Bella can be described as, unique, ornate, and timeless. These were important factors that I considered when creating the brand mark. 
To create the brand of Sara Bella Jewelry, I drew inspiration from the home and operating headquarters of the business, known as the Grand Manor. A bee is a symbol of wisdom, birth, and industry. This was a perfect fit as a mark for the brand.
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