About the Project
SAFE PATH™ Liquid De-Icer and Pretreat prevents and removes ice from walkways better than chloride-based de-icers like rock salts with it's non-tracking, clear formula. SAFE PATH can be used as a pretreat before frozen conditions occur or as a de-icer after walkways become icy. Use SAFE PATH on driveways, sidewalks, concrete, asphalt, pavers, sump covers, fueling stations, parking lots, drive thru lanes, and forecourts.
Project Goals
There are over 20,000 workplace slip and fall injuries or deaths per year in the USA. Protecting customers and employees during the winter months is essential. In short, the goals of this project can be described as follows:

1 Launch a new product that aims to tackle the issue of slip and fall hazards during the winter months. This includes packaging, branding, photos, and video.​​​​​​​
2 Create documentation and graphic assets to educate, promote, and sell SAFE PATH.

3 Film, edit, and publish training and promotional videos.
Training & Promotional Documentation
To showcase how to use SAFE PATH correctly, and answer any frequent questions, I was tasked with creating 3 documents. These include: Product Instructions, Product Information, and Product FAQ.
Training & Promotional Video
To showcase the benefits of SAFE PATH, I was tasked with creating promotional videos, as well as training videos for use on CAF Academy (proprietary training software).
In addition to this I was in charge of scripting and coordinating an animated video using external vendors.
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