About the Project
The National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) is a yearly trade show that hosts various vendors in the convenience store space. CAF Outdoor Cleaning has had a 20x20 booth at the show for the last 10 years, however it has been out of date compared to competitors. 
Project Goals
In light of business growth, CAF needed to update their booth to compete with current competitors. In short, the platform’s goals can be described as follows:

1 Enhance brand's overall perception by designing and coordinating a new 20x20 trade show booth.

2 Edit and enhance brand videos promoting CAF's products.​​​​​​​
Competition Analysis
Compared to other brands at NACS, it is clear to see that CAF was lagging behind. In order to select the new booth, I did some marketing research to compare booths to the competition.
Modern & Approachable
Selecting a booth came down to a few requirements:
Open Concept: Having an open booth is less intimidating, so people are more likely to stop and engage.
Multiple TV's: Each sales person at the show would ideally be able to take a conversation over to a TV and showcase our products in action.
Modern: Clean flat surfaces, and minimal design to ensure that the booth will last for years to come.
Design Concepts
After selecting a booth, I began to create multiple different design ideas.
Final Booth Design
After a few rounds of edits this was the final design we landed on.
Product Videos
The last part of this project was to record and edits product videos for each of our products.
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