About the Project
The cornerstone to their success has been Excell Construction’s ability to provide innovative solutions through decades of industry experience. Family owned and operated in Cranston, RI.
Project Goals
This family owned and operated construction firm, was looking to expand their clientele and modernize their brand. In short, the platform’s goals can be described as follows:

1 Enhance brand's overall perception by staying up to date with design trends.

2 Curate a library of digital assets that can be utilized across social platforms and any additional marketing materials.
The Letter "E"
At it's core, Excell's mission is to provide the best experience for the job. To reflect this, I presented a mark that combines the letter "E" with a strong geometric base. This corelates back to a strong foundation, which aligns with the company values.
The color "blue" represent calmness and responsibility. These are vital messages that tie back to the mission of the brand.
Clean and Contemporary
To attract our target audience, we created a distinctive and memorable brand identity that would set Excell apart from competitors. By incorporating the logo mark in various different styles, it re-emphasized the brand while not overwhelming the user. This made it more attractive to users while focusing on key content and information.
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